09 May 2013

Picking out a new car's pretty exciting. When you're hitting the internet to do your research and then browsing the forecourts for your perfect buy, it's likely that you won't really be thinking about the fact that you might well want to sell your new pride and joy one day...  

But, if you're looking to get the most for your money in the future, it's always worth considering what's going to happen when it comes to resale.

The average new car loses 60% of its value within three years, but there are some clever models out there with deprecation rates that fall way below this mark* - here are just a few of them.

Ford Focus

The family-friendly Ford Focus is one of the UK's most popular cars; as it's reliable, spacious and affordable to run, it's not hard to see why. Plus those resale values are as high as you could hope for - this car's still worth around 94% of its original price after the first year of ownership.

Ford Focus

Fiat 500

The Fiat 500 supermini is incredibly popular with new drivers thanks to its distinctive look and class-leading fuel efficiency. And owners will feel pretty smug when it comes time to move onto their next car too, as the first year sees a minuscule 7% drop in value.

Ford Ka

Big with new drivers who love this car for its responsive steering and spacious interior, a new Ford Ka still holds an impressive 87% of its value after a year on the road.

BMW 1 Series

One million BMWs are sold each year to drivers looking for a more luxurious ride. And it's guaranteed that you'll feel pretty good behind the wheel of any of the sleek cars in the 1 Series, especially as there's only a 5.6% drop in value during the course of the first year of ownership. Definitely worth the investment all round…

Volvo XC60

This high performance SUV is comfortable, versatile and spacious. And it also delivers on the resale value front - the 2.4 D5 AWD (185PS) SE Lux model retains 68% after three years.

Volkswagen Golf

Refined and great fun to drive, the VW Golf's one of the best small family cars around.  Though you might find it hard to part with, the fantastic return should make things a little easier, as you'll find that your car's still worth over 63% of the purchase price three years later.

Toyota Land Cruiser

This sturdy four-wheel drive has room for seven and is tough enough to take on any terrain. And it won't let you down when you decide to sell it, either - it's still worth around 73% of the purchase price three years down the road.

Vauxhall Corsa

The Vauxhall Corsa's one of the UK's best-selling cars. It's high safety rating and low insurance group's not all it's going for it, either; with a drop in value of just 13% in the first year, you'll get a good return when you sell it on.

Vauxhall Corsa

Ford Fiesta

Another UK favourite, the practical but stylish Ford Fiesta was named 2013 'Supermini of the Year' by What Car? magazine. And it only loses 15% of its value in the first year. Amazing!

* All figures featured in this article are approximate and should be used for guidance only.